About Watercolours

I was lucky I got the chance to play with watercolours when I was a child. My artistic uncle gave us brushes and paints to use and large sheets of paper when we were all very small, and we were encouraged to draw and be creative. And because I was so keen, my parents always made sure I had a sketchpad and paints to hand.
I used watercolours in art college, but had a break from it until a few years ago. I adore them and am glad I rediscovered them. I like experimenting with all kinds of styles, papers and colours. While looking for inspiration I found some wonderful watercolour artists. My usual work has quite a lot of detail although it's not photo-realistic. I am also playing with looser styles which is so much fun.
On this page are a wide variety of subjects: beautiful scenes of sunny places and Italian paintings, the inspiration which I got on a recent trip to Rome, Florence and Siena, nude paintings, still lifes etc.
You will find landscape paintings in the "Nature" gallery.