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I am primarily a portrait artist who specialises in adults, teens, children and occasionally pets.
I paint and draw in watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, colour pencil and graphite. I like experimenting with any medium and material that inspires me.
Watercolour is one of my most favourite media at the moment, it's versatile and challenging with lovely qualties of texture and colour. I have also been using high standard artist quality coloured pencils for a number of years to execute portraits and other subjects: this medium gives a refined quality and allows for lots of detail, where watercolours allow for more freedom of expression especially suitable for portraits, and it's also a wonderful medium for landscapes, buildings, waterscenes etc.
Apart from these I have taken up Oil Paints recently and I have been producing a number of portraits. A few are featured on my
YouTube channel . I continue to develop these skills as they are proving perfect for my portraits as well as being very permanent. To me it is obvious just why the great masters were such fans of oil paints!

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