A beautiful portrait makes a lovely keep-sake, of your children, grandchildren, your spouse or a family member, or perhaps one of yourself. It can be a lovely surprise for a friend or relative. Get your own pet painted, or surprise a friend with a portrait of his or her dog or cat. Portraits also make wonderful original gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any other special occasion.

I usually work from photographs. These can be sent by email or post. For me it is the most practical and economical way to work. Often it is not possible for a client to visit or for me to visit them, therefore photographs are the only practical alternative. As each portrait takes a good number of hours to complete there is minimal pressure on either side. However, if at all possible I will get my client to sit for me for sketches as that helps with my overall composition and will of course improve the drawing a great deal, but this depends on where you live. I work hard to get a realistic end result and I try to make sure that my client is truly satisfied. I am confident in saying that the likeness I produce is excellent and I can assure you of the highest quality.

I am currently accepting commissions with no less than two months lead time, but this can vary subject to my workload at the time you place the order.

As unfortunately it is now too late for a pre-Christmas order I am offering PORTRAIT GIFT VOUCHERS as an alternative. Check out and CONTACT ME to order.



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