Celebrity Paintings

This gallery features the portraits of a number of popular celebrities and Royalty I have painted.

The majority are in watercolour: Jennifer Garner, Linsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba,
Johnny Depp, Evangeline Lilly, Megan Fox, Jimi Hendrix,
Lauren Bacall to name some,
and painted on YouTube:
Eva Mendes (graphite pencil),
Jude Law, Natalie Kelley,
Hedy Lamarr, Grace Kelly and recently I have started to add
some paintings in oil (Beyoncé).

I have also included a pastel of David Bowie, and two older watercolours of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Harry.

Some of the images on this site
are duplicated in other galleries.

With some of these paintings I had the camera rolling so please check them out on my YouTube channel.